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Award-winning reporter who excels in source development and enterprising results-driven investigations, with particular emphasis on exposing corruption and government waste.

Over the Line:
Police Shootings in Georgia

 In this year-long series, we compiled and examined six years of fatal police shootings to expose cover-ups, police and DA misconduct and previously undisclosed details which led to a change in state law, a new grand jury proceeding, a chief's removal, a police officer's certification revocation and new national scrutiny for several previously closed cases.

DeKalb County Corruption

This series of reports on one county government exposed alleged kickbacks, cronyism and ethical breaches, which led to several resignations, a lucrative      development deal canceled, ethics reprimands and two indictments.

House Stealing Investigation
Changes Georgia Law

This series of reports was the result of four years of investigating, first how sovereign citizens used fraudulent documents to steal homes, and then the loopholes in Georgia law which allowed it to persist, ultimately leading to a law change. 

Crooked Care: Investigation
into Narconon of Georgia

Our investigation into insurance fraud, credit card fraud, patient deaths and bogus treatment, led the state to shut down this drug rehab facility. Insiders told us it was really run by the Church of Scientology as a way to recruit vulnerable members into the church and take their money.

  Deadly Guardrails

Georgia halted installation of ET-Plus guardrail ends after we found evidence of at least 2 deadly crashes that had not been previously tied to the national investigation.

During the course of our research, we also uncovered an older, even more dangerous model still in use despite a federal warning issued decades ago. Georgia's DOT is now in the process of identifying and removing thousands of Breakaway Cable Terminals (BCT's) that they didn't even know were left on the roadways.

Tax-Free Loophole


Conservation Controversy

Operation 'Something Bruin' was touted as a huge multi-state success, in an effort to crack down on bear poachers. But our investigation found hunters arrested for bears that were actually killed by the  undercover wildlife officers. Our stories prompted the local district attorney and a congressman to demand answers.

Crushing for Cash

Why would anyone steal an inoperable car that's broken down along the highway? Turns out if it's more than 12 years old, you can crush it for cash with no proof of ownership. It's sparked a new kind of auto theft, and the thieves who drive tow trucks are leaving drivers stranded. We found out what police are doing to fight it.  

The Rollover Ramp 

After noticing quite a few tractor trailer crashes on the same interstate ramp, we figured it couldn't be coincidence and began looking for the cause. We rode with a trucker and consulted a traffic engineer who both believed an odd design and an optical illusion were to blame. Georgia's DOT ultimately agreed and made changes.

 Justice for Julie

A year after our original investigation uncovered questions about the decades-old death of a young mother-to-be, the DA  reopened the case and changed her official cause of death from 'suicide' to 'undetermined.' Our story focuses on the value of that one word, and her mother's faith this day would come. 

Chief's Removal Raises Questions of Cover-up

We dug into the circumstances surrounding a local police chief's removal from his job amid concerns of a cover-up following a police shooting. That case was reopened after we uncovered questions about how the department handled it.

Now, we ask the mayor about the secrecy surrounding his decision.  

Desks on Your Dime

We confronted private businesses who set up shop in a public workspace inside the county building and were working there all day, every day, for free. The county launched an immediate investigation into the access the workers had, the cost to the county and potential security risks. 

Bungled Ballots

After reports of voting irregularities in the 2012 presidential election, we investigated provisional ballots from every Fulton County precinct and tracked down registered voters whose votes should have counted, but didn't. We also exposed serious questions about the number of ballots cast.

Getting a Pass

After receiving a tip from a viewer who was scammed over a Delta buddy pass, we tracked down the man who posed as an airline employee for years- and kept getting away with it despite a trail of victims around the country. We struck up a conversation with him and then alerted law enforcement to his newest scheme.  

Noah's Ark, a popular Georgia non-profit animal sanctuary is now under state investigation and Charity Navigator advisory, after we found it raised more than $650,000 for a children's home that had actually closed five years earlier. 

Right to Refuse

When a local police agency gave us body camera footage for an unrealted story on texting enforcement, we noticed every driver voluntarily handed officers the evidence to use against them. We tracked them down and not one realized they had a constitutional right to say no.

Donor Deception
Mystery Homeowners

When we set out to identify the owners of abandoned homes in Atlanta's most blighted neighborhoods, we found many of the worst eyesores had no listed owner, leaving taxpayers on the hook for an expensive and lengthy process to clean them up. 

District Attorney:
Grand Jury got it Wrong

In the wake of a series of controversial police shootings, we examined the evidence after a DA cleared an officer who a grand jury recommended for indictment.

Grave Concerns

We took on a family's fight to figure out what hapened to their ancestors' headstones from the 1800's. The stones were embedded in the runway of a small airport. We uncovered court records showing the owner planned to sell the land and hadn't disclosed the cemetery to the buyer. He was criminally charged and the stones were returned to the family.  

It's designed as a tax break for farmers to save money on agricultural supplies, but we found the program has little oversight as to who's signing up and even less scrutiny of what they buy tax-free. State leaders don't even have a way to calculate how much tax revenue they're losing. 


University of Florida
Bachelor of Science: Telecommunication
Minor: Criminal Justice


Investigative Reporters and Editors
*National Board Member
NATAS National Capital Chesapeake Bay Chapter


WRC-TV, Washington, DC (NBC)    March 2017 - Present

Investigative Reporter

Enterprises, researches and produces investigations, including long-term projects and quick-turn reports.


WSB-TV, Atlanta (ABC)   June 2007 – March 2017

Investigative Reporter

Enterprises, researches and produces numerous investigations simultaneously, to include long-term projects, quick-turn reports, collaborations with newspaper partners, and team coverage investigations of breaking news.



Georgia News Lab   March 2014 - March 2017

Guest Instructor and TV Intern Supervisor for collaborative investigative reporting initiative to encourage diversity and assist with investigative training for students from 5 universities.

WFTV-TV, Orlando (ABC)  October 2001 - May 2007

General Assignment Reporter 

Produced live daily enterprise reports and researched/reported multiple investigations.


WSPA-TV, Greenville/Spartanburg (CBS)  August 1999 - September 2001

General Assignment Reporter

Produced live daily reports with an emphasis on crime and courts coverage.



WLTX-TV, Columbia (CBS)  July 1997 - August 1999

General Assignment Reporter



WUFT-TV, Gainesville (PBS/CNN)   January 1996 - July 1997

General Assignment Reporter & Anchor/Producer 

Produced live half hour newscast and anchored Cox Cable local cut-ins.



WRUF-AM, Gainesville (CBS)   June 1994 - April 1997

General Assignment Reporter & Anchor/Producer 

Anchored and produced morning drive newscasts for AM850. 



Jodie Fleischer - Investigative Reporter

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IRE Award 2016: Innovation in Investigative Reporting

"Over the Line: Police Shootings in Georgia"

We compiled and examined 6 years of fatal police shootings to expose cover-ups, misconduct and previously undisclosed details which led to a new state law, a new grand jury proceeding, a chief's ousting, an officer's certification revocation and calls to reopen several cases.

*Also an IRE finalist for the Tom Renner Award & the in the Broadcast/Video category

National Investigative Emmy Nominee: 2016

"House Stealing Investigation Changes Georgia Law"

This series of reports was the result of four years of investigating first the fraud, then the loopholes in Georgia law which allowed it to persist, ultimately leading to a law change.

Alfred I. duPont – Columbia Award: 2012

“Stolen Houses”

This year-long series exposed how sovereign citizens used fraudulent documents to steal homes.

FBI Director’s Community Leadership Award: 2014

Selected as Atlanta Region recipient

Honored by FBI Director for house stealing series that educated public and changed Georgia law.

Scripps Howard Foundation National Finalist: TV In-Depth Reporting: 2011

“Stolen Houses”

Year-long series exposed how sovereign citizens used fraudulent documents to steal homes.

Green Eyeshade Award: 2016

"Over the Line: Police Shootings in Georgia"

Regional Edward R. Murrow Award: Video News Series: 2016

“DeKalb Co: Continuing Corruption”

Exposed alleged kickbacks, cronyism and ethical breaches, which led to 2 resignations, a lucrative development deal canceled, ethics reprimands and 2 criminal indictments.

Regional Edward R. Murrow Award: Video News Series: 2015

“Deadly Guardrails”

Exposed dangerous and outdated guardrail ends in use years after feds called for replacement.

Regional Edward R. Murrow Award: Feature Reporting: 2015

“Justice for Julie”

Spotlighted errors in a murder case which prompted its reopening and a new cause of death.

Regional Edward R. Murrow Award: Investigative Reporting: 2014

“Crooked Care: Investigation into Narconon of Georgia”

Year-long series exposed fraud at a drug rehab, prompting its closure and a criminal case.

Regional Edward R. Murrow Award: Video News Series: 2013

“Faulty Air Packs”

Exposed faulty air packs that threatened firefighter safety, prompting their replacement.


Georgia Associated Press: Story of the Year: 2016

"Over the Line: Police Shootings in Georgia"

Georgia Association of Broadcasters: Best Investigative Reporting: 2014

“Crooked Care: Investigation into Narconon of Georgia”

NATAS National Capital/Chesapeake Bay Regional Emmy 

2019  Business/Consumer News "Reviewing the Reviews"

2018  On-Camera Talent - Investigative Reporting

NATAS Southeast Regional Emmys (16)

2017 Investigative Report  “Many Unhappy Returns: Georgia Recoups up to $6.4M after WSB-TV            Fraud Investigation"

2017 Specialty Assignment Report "DNA Denial"

2017 Business/Consumer News “Fit Snitch”

2016 Specialty Assignment Report "College Cover-up"

     Exposed financial misdeeds by fmr. UGA alumni director; led to state investigation & resignation.

2015 Investigative Report (National Nominee)  “House Stealing Investigation Changes State Law”

     Culmination of four years of reporting which led to a change in Georgia law.

2015 Continuing Coverage “DeKalb County: Climate of Corruption”

     Year-long investigation led to indictment of county officials, resignations & policy changes. 

2015 On-Camera Talent - Investigative Reporting

2014 On-Camera Talent - Investigative Reporting

2013 Continuing Coverage "Faulty Air Packs”

2011 On-Camera Talent - Investigative Reporting

2011 Investigative Report “Stealing Houses”

2011 Specialty Assignment Report ”Fulton Tax Values”

     Investigation found disparities among tax values for wealthy vs. poor homes in the county.

2011 Business/Consumer News “Foreclosure Fix?”

     Creative and sometimes criminal ways homeowners were trying to stave-off foreclosure.

2011 Team Coverage “Crawford Lewis Raid”

     Lead reporter on school superintendent and others indicted for corruption.

2009 On-Camera Talent - Specialty Reporting

2009 Team Coverage “Downtown Atlanta Tornado”

AP Broadcasters: Individual Achievement in Reporting, Georgia 2008

AP Broadcasters: Individual Achievement in Reporting, Florida 2005

AP Broadcasters: Continuing Coverage, Georgia 2008

SPJ Sunshine State Award: Political/Government Reporting, 2005

SPJ Sunshine State Award: Education Reporting, 2005

South Carolina Associated Press:  Investigative Reporting, 2000

South Carolina Associated Press:  Spot News Reporting, 1998

South Carolina Associated Press:  Education Reporting, 2000 & 1998


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